How Many Pemberleys in a Peak District?

In the Peak District, I saved the best of England’s scenery for last. This entire region, stretching up to the Yorkshire Dales through the very heart of England, is the greatest hits compilation: rolling farmland interspersed with quiet villages; huge desolate moors that seem to go on forever into nothingness; some of England’s most jaw-dropping … More How Many Pemberleys in a Peak District?

Fern Hills

Heading into Wales is as good a time as any to address the United Kingdom and what exactly this is. If you’re like me, no amount of research or informative YouTube watching can really clarify what’s going on here. Wikipedia calls it a “sovereign state in Europe,” so what does that make England, Wales, Northern … More Fern Hills

All Summer in a Day

I knew that traveling through the UK in July was not going to afford me the sun-drenched, beach-friendly holiday that you might otherwise associate with a summer in Europe, but I think I now have a particular appreciation for the frustration that is English summers. It’s not often genuinely cold and even though I’ve been … More All Summer in a Day

Waterloo Sunset

This is actually perhaps the post I have been dreading most because I love London so much that I can’t write about it with any real articulation. I studied abroad here, so while I’m hardly a true Londoner, I can’t approach the city with any level of objectivity. Not that I’m interested in being objective, … More Waterloo Sunset